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## Project Pre-Proposal


Project name : NEWBIE’s KEY






Imagine when you first check in a new place and you have no idea of what is happening around. Imagine if you are a hardcore lover of music and you are late to know that there was a concert happened in the city last night. Everything is a hand distance near but in reality we are miles away from them. So we have decided to pullover these hardships and let each new soul who enters in the campus of UMKC know each and every activity going around him/her. And for a new comer it’s tough to travel alone for buying the daily needs from Walmart, Costco, Indian Mart etc. we are going to solve this problem as well. There will be separate forum created to share the vacancies in their apartment and make new roommates and also know about availability of used cars from seniors. So to let this happen we are here to develop an App that lets people to know about the events, comment and share their experiences on these events and even create a dynamic event and pull in the interested candidates. This helps not only in knowing about the events but also a chance to make friends and interact on many topics there on.


The significance of this project is that it stays as an encyclopedia of events happening in and around the campus making it very easy for the end user to gain knowledge on the activities and further if he/she is an enthusiast they can even create a REAL TIME event and make it a success. This app directs them from their own location to the events place with the help of maps. And when someone posts an event or creates an event there will be push notifications/emails send to the users and they can integrate these to their own calendars. Additionally, we will include a Travel forum where users post their trips to stores and thus they can interact with the newbies and the people in need and share their ride which makes it a cost effective one as well as safer way to travel in this new place. There will be forum available for everyone to post information related to Room vacancies and also about any vehicles on sale. This removes the worry for searching rooms and to grab the best deals on cars that are shared in the forum Apart from that we also have an idea of including the useful information related to newbies such as “How to” “Where to” and “What to” kind of questions (ex. Driving license procedure, Check-in process) which act as a burden for them in the initial days of arrival.


To make it a hassle free experience for every new comer to any new location and helping them to find a perfect place to live, encouraging and letting them to take part in all the activities happening around them. System Features: • Push Notifications • Real Time Event Creation • Maps Direction • Calendar Integration • Peer-Peer chat messaging • Comment sharing • Ride Share • Room Availability Info • Vehicle Sale Info

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We are taking the above project as a reference.

Backup project:

Cool Cooking

This project is all about letting people know about various varieties of dishes and the way to cook them and their recipes. We also provide them with a video demonstration of cooking the dish with the help of YouTube videos. Once you succeed with your attempt you can post the experience and thus be a mentor for a new fellow who needs help with the same. We can also provide the information of the experts and thus people who are really interested in cooking can take their suggestions and also enroll in their cooking classes. We also provide information regarding where these raw stuff and utensils can be available and the distance from their current location to the destination. This way no one will miss their own regional food and also become an expert in various varieties of cooking.


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