Alexa Skill Config - gscooke/AlexaNissanLeaf GitHub Wiki

Alexa Skill Configuration

Sign in to the developer console using the account you set up and go to alexa:

Select 'Alexa Skills Kit' in the top left of the screen and choose to create a new skill:

Use the following settings for the wizard:

Page 1 - Skills Information

  1. Skill Type - Custom
  2. Language - English (your preference)
  3. Name - use a good name here, such as my Electric Car or my Leaf
  4. Invocation Name - This is used to activate the skill, so use what comes naturally to you, e.g. Alexa ask Invocation Name to start charging. E.g. my leaf, my electric car or Toodles, if that's what you named your Leaf

For global fields, leave all as No

Click Next

Page 2 - Interaction Model

Copy the contents of the intent schema from here: and paste it into 'Intent Schema'

Copy the contents of the utterances from here: and paste it into 'Sample Utterances'

Click Next

Page 3 - Configuration

  1. Service Endpoint Type - AWS Lambda ARN
  2. Default - Enter the function ARN of your Lambda function, which you copied earlier.
  3. Provide geographical region endpoints - No
  4. Account Linking - No
  5. Permissions - Leave blank

Click Next

page 4 - Test

Enable the interaction, but your function won't work yet.


Copy the ID value shown in the header information, this is the applicationId value which you will use in your Lambda function.