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Ham sandwhiches are delicions.


  • Handles ID resolution, disambiguation
  • Implements sprite injection for base color atlases
  • Tracks sprite injection for physical texture atlases
  • Handles format conversion
  • Determines which atlases are animated, provide virtual animation data base on albedo
  • Loads physical textures into byte buffers
  • Defines API for assigning a physical texture to a material
  • Implements default physical texture mapping based on material, entity, etc. as part of material map functionality


  • Creates physical atlas as desired
    • Consumes physical sprite injection tracking
    • Consumes physical texture data to populate atlas

Rules for physical textures

  • Size of all maps must be the same
  • Animation data comes from base color if base color is present

Loading source priority

  • priority: [lab, seus, this, substance]
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