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Dear All,

First, thanks for those who sent us the CV. With the "evaluation test", your "schedule proposal", the CV is important to choose the best candidate for our proposal to reach the goals.

This proposal is not only "coding", it requires a good knowledge of "Object Detection" and if possible Mask-RCNN model and one of its implementation which will be the starting point.

It is also a "research and development" challenge, so we (mentors) have not all the technical responses  to reach the objectives, but we know that it is reachable.

Please, remember that GSOC'19 is a true job during 3 month ( …​ and more to prepare the coding period) and not an internship. To be paid, there are 3 evaluations to be passed according to you schedule proposal.

So writing a proposal is tricky, it must be - dense, with detailed tasks but not too detailed - conditional, according to the risks of some tasks - to be sure to be paid …​ so do not put something that you   cannot do ! - control what you write!

We will help you to write the proposal, but keep in mind that we (mentors) are very busy (Google says that mentoring takes 2 hours per week but it is not the case for us, much, much more …​ because we are motivated !). We estimate that you have a lot of information to start, all of you have already a good experience in driving projects.

You can start to write your proposal if you seem to be ready and share it with us and iterate.

The "evaluation test" will be on the implementation (not done yet)

Please, + read the proposal + An introduction to the physics, the detector

Thanks for your careful reading.

Gilles, for mentors

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