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Dear all,

As you know the "Student application dead line" is on the 9th April. I will attend to a conference on the 9th April, so I couldn't reply to your last questions. As a result, please, try to anticipate. Mentors have less than one week (after the 9th April) to evaluate your proposals and "Evaluation tests". So, please, be on time.

Last recommendations for your proposal:

  • R1 - Try to divide you "coding schedule" in 3 phases (with tasks inside) which correspond to the mentors evaluations. Just to be paid if the schedule is respected.

    • "Phase 1 evaluation deadline" : 28th June
    • "Phase 2 evaluation deadline" : 26th July
    • "Phase 3 evaluation deadline" : 26th August
  • R2 - The main target of this GSOC, is to have a very good 3D MaskRCNN implementation for training and evaluation : tested, debugged, validated with a simple (or more complex) training data set.

  • R3 - Please, give some arguments to justify you will be on time (and perhaps in advance) in the schedule.

  • R4 - Show in your proposal that you have a developing strategy with debug (choose to debug step by step or module by module or debug at the end of development phase).

  • R5 - If you plan to propose additional work like

    • Train (and adapt parameters) on more complex cases
    • Optimize the efficiency of the whole process (training and evaluation).
    • Build 3D visualization tools (or other data-mining tools) to help the training parametrization.

    Please write it in "Phase 4" optional work section in which you specify that it will be started if the 3 main Phases are done.

Thank you for reading.

Best regards,

For the mentors, Gilles