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CMS collaboration

This proposal / project benefits of the knowledge and experience of the CMS collaboration (4000 physicists, engineers, computer scientists, technicians and students from around 200 institutes and universities from more than 40 countries). More especially in the statistics domain, which are daily used tools (like MVA, Boost Decision Tree, ...) in the different parts of the CMS Software (CMSSW). CMSSW is mainly responsible from millions of data-acquisition channels (which build a numeric event) to predict the most probable proton-proton collision(s) in which thousands of elementary particles occurred.


  • Florian Beaudette, senior Physicist, involved in CMS-HGCAL project
  • Artur Lobanov, Physicist, involved in CMS-HGCAL project
  • Arnaud Chiron, Computer Scientist (PHD in physics), CMSSW, Python
  • Andrea Sartirana, Computer Scientist (PHD in physics), GPUs platform environment (containers, ...)
  • Gilles Grasseau, Computer Scientist (PHD in physics), HPC developments (GPU, parallelisms) and image processing

Technical environment

We already have a GPUs platform which is now outdated (K20, Xeon Phi, NVidia Titan) but we are purchasing a new GPUs platform with 2 x NVidia Volta V100. They are planned to be bought by the end of March and installed by the end of April. A login will be provided for the selected applicant.