Evaluation test - grasseau/HAhRD GitHub Wiki

Guideline for the evaluation tests

  • Please, when it is required, provide a source code with only the modified functions (not all the implementation) and modify the strict minimum (a "diff" will be done to evaluate)
  • Modify or Add comments if necessary
  • Please, answer to the questions with relevant points (only few lines)

Evaluation test

  • Rewrite the RPN building i.e. the RPN TensorFlow/Keras graph of the matterport implementation for 3D images (extend it to 3D).

    1. One or 2 functions must be rewritten
    2. Specify if required, changes in the config class
  • Questions about rewriting RPN module

    1. It seems that build_rpn_model function returns values with [batch, H * W * anchors_per_location, x ] shapes. Where can we find in the code that the RPN module depends on the different levels of the FPN ? (5 lines max)
  • General questions

    1. Where in the code (the function / method / class) are used to select anchors ? (5 lines max)
    2. What will be your debugging strategy ? (5 lines max)
    3. Have you ideas how to make stages in the development with their tests (debugging) to control the new 3D implementation ? (5 lines max)
    4. Have you good skills in debugging with TensorFlow and Keras ? (5 lines)