Setup - gouravtiwari/huddle-skeleton GitHub Wiki

Steps to setup huddle:

  1. Go to and register yourself using an email id and domain name.

  2. Login using the domain name and email id/password.

  3. Once logged in, click project on the upper window and select import project from github. Login using the github id and select the repository that has to be imported, the project should now be visible in the left window.

  4. Go to and login using your heroku credentials.

  5. Make sure you have your ssh keys registered for both github and heroku as these would required while making changes on the app and pushing it to the server.

  6. Click Paas on top and select deploy public key.

  7. get heroku repository link:

    if your project is already associated with Heroku -

    Go to Pass>Heroku>Applications and click on 'Info' for the repository your project is associated with it and copy the repository link.


    if your project is not associated with heroku

    Go to Pass>Heroku>Create Application and give a name to your repository add github repository link and get heroku repository link

  8. Now go to Git>Remote>Remotes, click add and add a name for the app, and copy the heroku repository link from previous step and paste it in the remotes bar, and select finish.

  9. Now make a change to any file, go to Git>Add, Git>Commit (enter commit), Git>Remote>Push> push to origin and then Git>Remote>Push>huddle

  10. The app can be viewed by going to heroku and there is a url to access it.

  11. Now open heroku myapps and you can see the app on heroku, click on the domain name link and click on it.