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Installation of Sonar 5.6.6 Download sonarqube

cd sonarqube-5.6.6/bin/macosx-universal-64

start sonar

./ console

Installing sonar scanner

  1. Download sonar scanner sonar-scanner-

  2. Add the following in ~/.bash_profile

export SONAR_RUNNER_HOME="/Users/gopi/Downloads/sonar-scanner-" export PATH="/Users/gopi/Downloads/sonar-scanner-$PATH"

  1. refresh bash profile

source ~/.bash_profile

Running sonar scanner

go to your projects foldr

  1. Create a file with following contents

# This file is used by sonar-runner # # Required metadata sonar.projectKey=myproject sonar.projectName=custom modules only, features excluded sonar.projectVersion=1.0

# Comma-separated paths to directories with sources (required) sonar.sources=. sonar.exclusions=jquery*,noteresource/** sonar.

# Language sonar.language=php

# To deactivate features related to unit tests execution and coverage sonar.dynamicAnalysis=false

# Encoding of the source files sonar.sourceEncoding=UTF-8

sonar.phpCodesniffer.argumentLine=--ignore=jquery,custom_features sonar.php.file.suffixes=php,module,inc,install,test,profile,theme,css,js,txt,info

  1. In the command line run following