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Purchasing a new home is one of the joys in life, but before you enter the house you need aDefect Inspection Gold Coast This inspection helps to ensure your new property has no major problems. This is the last chance to notice such problems and bring them to the owner’s attention to fix before occupying the house. To assist you, below is the list of checkpoints that may prove useful for pre-handover inspection.



1. Check Structural Elements

The first aspect that should be looked at in the Pre Handover Inspection Brisbane is the structures within your new home. This entails the outer and interior partitions, roof, flooring, and structural frame. Check out whether there are any visible cracks on the walls, or any part of the wall that has been built unevenly or where water has been seeping through to the interior. If not addressed promptly, these issues can suggest underlying structural issues that require attention.


Not only that, the exterior should also be checked. Scan the roof, gutters, and downspouts for any signs of problems such as leaks. Ensure that the external parts of the building are properly fixed and all the cracks for the harsh weathers are well sealed. A structural check is useful in making sure that the house is solid and would not pose a risk to your family’s safety in the future.


2. Inspect Electrical Systems

Other important aspects to review are electrical systems. Check that all electric outlets, switches, and fixtures are in good condition. In this case, one needs to visit the house and check if the fuse box is in good order. Identify any live wires or any other electrical issues or hazards that need to be avoided.


Getting a professional to look at your electrical system is another way you can add on assurance. They are able to point out problem areas that might not be easily noticeable to anyone who is not well-versed in the particular system. The electrical system is one of the most important aspects in your home hence should be safe and efficient.


3. Focus on Plumbing and Water Systems

Plumbing is an integral part of any household. When you are considering Pre Handover Inspection Brisbane check all plumbing system for any leaks or damages.


Check on the water heater and any other systems that relate to water usage. Check that all the parts are fitted correctly and in the right manner. Plumbing repairs are something that if handled at the early stages they will not cause a lot of problems like water damages in the future.


4. Evaluate Finishes and Fixtures

The new home finishes and fixtures or any other part of the house should be as per the agreed standard and your expected quality. Make sure the paint’s quality, the floor, cabinetry, and countertops. Try to observe any flaws that may be due to poor workmanship or any other sort of negligence.




Check that all doors and windows can be opened and closed freely and check all locks and handles for security. Check all the fixtures put in place in the building including the lights, faucets, and other appliances. If everything is in order and properly fitted inside the house, it will go a long way in creating a quality finish to the new home.




A PreInspector for New Home Construction Brisbaneis very important to make sure that there are no flaws in the new house and it is fit for use. We at GoInspect offer professional and detailed services to assure you that your new property is secure, useful, and of the best quality. Please allow us to help you make your dream home a reality with the help of a successful pre-handover inspection.

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