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Issues and known bugs

This is a log/braindump of stuff that needs fixed or gotchas to be aware of.

Windows support

At the moment this library will only work on Linux, due to specifically calling mono. I also don't know how system calls like SIGTERM or SIGKILL are handled on Windows. If you remove the mono line and try it, stability may be different compared to on Linux.

Text formatting in world names

NeosVR-Headless-API looks for the > character in the console's prompt to determine when a command has finished executing. Consequently, world names that end with any kind of XML-like text formatting (such as <color></color> or <size></size>) will trip up the prompt detection and break the library, specifically when calling the .status() method. These tags are not parsed in the headless client's console and are printed literally. Unfortunately, I have not found a way around this that doesn't break "end of command" detection at this time. Time-based alternatives where the library waits some seconds after issuing a command isn't acceptable and can't realistically work.

Text formatting can still be used if it's done at the beginning or middle of the world name, just as long as the entire world name does not end with a > character. Perhaps simply adding a space to the end of the world name is enough to prevent this issue from happening, as long as Neos does not truncate trailing whitespace. I have not tested. A period or other symbol could also work.

No worlds

Library behavior when there is no world focused/when no worlds are running is untested.

Unimplemented commands

Some commands aren't implemented in the API yet. They are the following:

  • saveConfig
  • friendRequests
  • acceptFriendRequest
  • startWorldURL
  • startWorldTemplate
  • import
  • importMinecraft
  • dynamicImpulse
  • dynamicImpulseString
  • dynamicImpulseInt
  • dynamicImpulseFloat
  • spawn
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