Adding data - geosolutions-it/digital-twin-toolbox GitHub Wiki

The page http://locahost:3000 shows a webapp with the following structure:

  • 3D viewer on the background
  • An interactive form on the top right corner
  • A logging dialog box on the top left corner (visible only when accessing data)

Initial application view

The interactive form shows a select box at initialization that allows to select the data to process. After the first setup this select is empty because there is not data provided in the application.

The data can be included directly inside the folder static/data provided inside this repository. The data supported are:

  • Vector data shapefile in .zip folder
  • Point cloud data .las files
  • Mesh data (Experimental) .ply files generated from the .las files

The select box will be populated with options after adding the files inside the static/data and refreshing the http://locahost:3000 page

Application shows the included data inside the select box