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Following new theme migration #618, here is @boly38 review of new-theme staging

Issues created


  • negative cases - 4xx error page #734
  • log a geokret (move) - form - log date #740
  • log a geokret (move) - form - log comment limit - 500 #741
  • geokrety details - update comment - add big image - load forever #742

GK home page

✅ (minor translation) tracking code

Veuillez entrer son Tracking Code ici : > Saisir le Tracking Code ici : in order to avoid cariage return ? image

Kumy Comment >> This is related to translation, I suggest you to directly fix it at

Boly38 Comment >> ok 👍 - crowdin updated

GK (new) move page

✔️ (minor data) - Tracking code helper


  • helper popin example is a real geokrety tracking code : is that wanted?

Kumy Comment >> Ignored: Yes this is expected :) 1. I plan to automatically attribute an award for those who log it. 2. I thought there was an existing issue for that: Add an option to only allow "discover" and "comments" (I think that was a suggestion from @Lineflyer

Boly38 Comment >> ok 👍 - nothing to do - existing issue may be "car" type and side updates #465

✅ (minor user experience) Move a geokrety - where is submit buttons?

Submit button is by default hidden in last section "Données supplémentaires": not visible for a non initied used image

I would say it would be great to

  • either open this section in default view
  • or move submit button out of section at the bottom

but user may have to follow "next button": ok

Kumy Comment >> createAnIssuePlease: In the past I've tested both, I really disliked the first option, I'm ok for the second :)

that's give me in trouble to follow the steps: maybe set a step number / total in section title to represent the fact that we are in progress and have to enter more information to submit ?

  • 1/4 - Objet voyageur (GeoKret)
  • 2/4 Type de signalement ...

Kumy Comment >> createAnIssuePlease: :+1:

Boly38 Comment >> ok 👍 - issue created #731

✅ (minor user experience) invalid tracking code

After setting an invalid tracking code, the "next" button is enable and move me to the next step: is that wanted?

expect to get an error or a disable button.

Kumy Comment >> cannotreproduce/createAnIssuePlease: Really you don't see any error at all? The automatic validation is done when hitting the 6th character or when leaving the field or click the looking glass icon. I've just tested and I don't see the problem you are describing. Could you elaborate?

Boly38 Comment >> ok 👍 - issue created #732

btw if I try to submit, I m forwarded back to the first red/errored section 👍

✅ (minor user experience) Type de signalement

After clicking on one move type I expect to go directly to the next step (no next button required here?)

Kumy Comment >> createAnIssuePlease: yes I agree

Boly38 Comment >> ok 👍 - issue created #733

✅ (minor user experience) Donnees supplementaire - captcha not checked

After all green input, I just missed to check "I'm not a robot" and this is what I get as result: image

I expect to have last step opened (not first one)

Kumy Comment >> createAnIssuePlease: yes I agree, but that may be a dirty fix in the background :(

Boly38 Comment >> ok 👍 - issue created #736

GK geokrety details page

✅ comment image - big image limit?

  • Does exist a way to set a image width ?
  • should the editor set a default width by default ?

I just paste an image url in my move form (/ comment / add image) And this produce the image with real size by default (I know that it is not necessarily easy to find a solution to this problem.)


Kumy Comment >> createAnIssuePlease:

Boly38 Comment >> ok 👍 - issue created #735

✅ altitude image - not finished?

If I go to a given GK details, I can see "altitude image" (if I remember correctly)



but that's give me some strange image I couldn't understand:

  • either disable the image if there is not enough data to understand it
  • or remove this (not mandatory) feature (until finished)

Kumy Comment >> createAnIssuePlease: Agree we should disable it, it's not yet finished, there is some work started on it but it will take me a long time to implement, so let's go for disable it right now #624

Boly38 Comment >> ok 👍 - issue created #737



Some minor updates/fix:

Ce document définit les conditions d’utilisation de « ». est un service (ci-après dénommé le « Service »)  de geocaching exploité par des volontaires.

Chaque personne qui crée un compte (ci-après dénommé L’ « Utilisateur ») s’engage à respecter les règles de ces termes et conditions dès la procédure d’enregistrement.

Le service est contrôlé et supervisé par un groupe de bénévoles, ci-après dénommé « l’équipe GK ». 

L'équipe GK n’est pas responsable du contenu posté par les utilisateurs sur le Service, ni des dommages résultant(s?) de l’utilisation des informations du Service.

Vous devez vous assurer que les informations publiées par l’Utilisateur sur le Service ne doivent pas porter atteinte à la législation en vigueur. 

En particulier, les contenus publiés par l’Utilisateur ne doivent pas violer le droit d’auteur de tiers. 

Tous contenus (y compris les descriptions des GeoKrety, illustrations et les entrées dans les journaux) publiés sur le Service le sont sous licence Creative Commons BY-NC-SA version 2.5.

La définition complète de cette licence est disponible en ligne sur 

Le contenu du domaine public est admis. 

L’Utilisateur est directement responsable a(u??)près des ayants droit de toutes les violations dans ce domaine sur les contenus qu'il aura publié.

Nous ne fournissons aucune garantie quant à l’exactitude, rapidité, performance, exhaustivité ou pertinence des informations et des matériaux trouvés ou offerts sur ce site pour tout usage particulier.

Vous reconnaissez que ces informations et matériaux peuvent contenir des inexactitudes ou des erreurs et nous excluons expressément toute responsabilité pour ces inexactitudes ou erreurs dans toute la mesure permise par la Loi.

J'accepte les termes d'utilisation => J'accepte les conditions générales d'utilisation (add generales to the secton title too ?)

Kumy Comment >> This is related to translation, I suggest you to directly fix it at

✅ confirmation link

  • not received (but thats maybe because of staging?)

Kumy Comment >> createAnIssuePlease: I have to check the specific mail, some are disabled on staging effectively I didn't expect this one to be disabled

Boly38 Comment >> ok 👍 - issue created #738

  • not translated in french ? image

Kumy Comment >> createAnIssuePlease: String is marked to be translatable in the code. And is translated on crowdin. weird...

Boly38 Comment >> ok 👍 - issue created #739