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This function returns a window which is a message dialog.


jQuery $.w.window.messageDialog( object data )

Creates an message dialog.


  • object data : the message window's data.
  • string type = information : the message dialog type. Can be information, error or warning.
  • string title : the window's title
  • string label : the dialog's message
  • string details : some details displayed after the message
  • string closeLabel : the close button value
  • jQuery parentWindow = $.w.window.getActive() : the parent window.

Return value

A jQuery object corresponding to the created window.

Options, methods, events

See window.


Basic usage

var myWindow = $.w.window.messageDialog({
  title: 'Hello World!',
  label: 'Welcome on Symbiose!'

An error dialog

var myWindow = $.w.window.messageDialog({
  type: 'error',
  title: 'Ooooops!',
  label: 'This feature doesn\'t seem to work really well...',
  details: 'That\'s all we know.'
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