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This widget hasn't any option.


This class hasn't any method.

Static methods

  • Boolean $.webos.keyboard.pressed(keys) : Check if some keys are currently pressed.
  • String|Array keys Keys. For multiple keys, you can either give an array or separate keys by a plus sign (e.g. ctrl+alt+del).
  • Boolean $.webos.keyboard.systemKeyDown() : Check if the system key is pressed.
  • String $.webos.keyboard.keycode2Name(keycode) : Translate a key code to a key name.
  • Number keycode The key code.
  • Number $.webos.keyboard.name2Keycode(name) : Translate a key name to a key code.
  • String name The key name.
  • $.webos.keyboard.bind(el, keycode, callback) : Listen when a key is pressed.
  • jQuery el Check if the window containing this element is active.
  • String keycode The keys sequence. See $.webos.keyboard.pressed.
  • Function callback The callback function.