User interfaces - gd-99/symbiogd GitHub Wiki

Various interfaces are available in Symbiose. By default :

  • GNOME Shell (GNOME 3)
  • GNOME Panel (GNOME 2)
  • Windoze (Windows-like)
  • Stunning (for phones/tablets)
  • CLI (command-line)
  • Slym (simple login manager)

How is it working ?


Some interfaces can be set as default.


Every interface has some labels :

  • Guest desktop interface (guestInterface) : will be displayed for logged out users
  • User desktop interface (userInterface) : will be displayed for logged in users
  • For touch devices (touchDevices) : will be displayed on touch devices

Configuring interfaces

You can choose which interface will be used by using the System settings app or editing /etc/uis.json.

Creating a user interface

You can create a new user interface by creating a new directory /boot/uis/mySuperInterface.

In this folder you will put :

  • config.xml : UI's metadata
  • index.html : base HTML code of your UI
  • index.js : base JS code

You can see existing user interfaces to learn more, or you can create a user interface from an existing one.