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A common problem with the webos web browser is an error like this:

Cannot open page: internal error

Most of the time that's due to a security restriction set by the browser (not the webos browser, the native one!). Websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter and more don't accept to be displayed in an iframe.

The only solution to browse these websites is to set up a proxy.

Another solution:


You'll have to download and extract it on your server. That's a fork of PHPProxyImproved which removes unwanted HTTP headers. Thus, installing the original PHPProxyImproved won't work.

Then, you should be able to access your network from the Internet with this proxy.

If you want to use it with the webos, open the web browser, click on the cog icon on the top right corner and enable the proxy.

Using your own PHPProxy

You can use your own PHPProxy by modifying the .htaccess file: