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A server call.

Since 1.0alpha1.

Child of [Webos.Operation](JS library_operation).


This class hasn't any method.

Static methods

  • [Webos.ServerCall[]](JS library_servercall[]) Webos.ServerCall.getList([status]) : Get a list of all server calls.
  • Number [status] Filter calls with a specific status.
  • [Webos.ServerCall[]](JS library_servercall[]) Webos.ServerCall.getPendingCalls() : Get a list of pending calls.
  • Number Webos.ServerCall.getCompletedCalls() : Get the number of completed calls.
  • Number Webos.ServerCall.getNbrPendingCalls() : Get the number of pending calls.
  • [Webos.ServerCall.Group](JS library_servercall.group) Webos.ServerCall.join() : Join some server calls in a group. Server calls must be passed as arguments.
  • undefined.add(request, callback) : Add a server call to the group.
  • [Webos.ServerCall](JS library_servercall) request The server call.
  • [Webos.Callback](JS library_callback) callback The callback.
  • undefined.load(callback) : Load all server calls in the group.
  • [Webos.Callback[]](JS library_callback[])|[Webos.Callback](JS library_callback) callback The callback.
  • String undefined.getChannel(channel) : Get a channel's content.
  • Number channel The channel number.
  • String undefined.getStandardChannel() : Get the standard channel's content.
  • String undefined.getErrorsChannel() : Get the errors' channel's content.
  • String undefined.getAllChannels() : Get all channel's content.
  • Number undefined.getStatusCode() : Get this status code.
  • Number undefined.getStatusClass() : Get this status class.
  • [Webos.Error](JS library_error) undefined.getError([msg]) : Get the response's error, if there is one.
  • String [msg] An error message can be provided.
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