Create an application - gd-99/symbiogd GitHub Wiki

To create an application for Symbiose, you just have to know how to code in Javascript (and additionally to know how to use jQuery).

Symbiose's library

To help you to create apps for Symbiose, a library is available. It will enable you to create windows, menus, buttons and so on. This library is based on jQuery, which simplifies development with Javascript. You can use X-Tags which is more easier to use to create a user interface.

Every element in an application (windows, buttons, menus, lists) is called widget. Their manipulation is simple thanks to jQuery and X-Tags.

Get started!

To start, you can create a Javascript file in your private folder with a text editor. To execute your script, you can just open the file with the file explorer.

Next, you will have to [learn how to use widgets](How to use widgets). Then, try to manipulate windows and meet Symbiose's widgets. You can also throw a glance to the [rest of the library](JS Library) which allows to manage communication with the server, files & users management and so on.

You can [check out basic apps examples](Application examples.fr_FR).

To easily create interfaces you can use X-Tags which is useful to separate the interface and the app's logic.

For a command-line interface usage, please see [the dedicated page](Create a CLI application).

Now, you can begin to create your app.

Create your application

An admin access to Symbiose is recommended (to test your app), the best is locally (to edit your app's code using your favorite text editor!).

Here are the main files of you app :

  • /usr/bin/myapp.js : the file which will be called to run your app
  • /usr/lib/myapp/myapp.js : if your app is big, it will contain its library (optionnal)
  • /usr/share/applications/myapp.xml : your app's [launcher](Create a launcher)
  • /usr/share/css/myapp/main.css : if your app needs a stylesheet, put it here (optionnal)
  • /usr/share/icons/applications/48/myapp.png : your app's icon, which must be 4848 pixels. You can add your icon in other sizes in the proper directory (e.g. /usr/share/icons/applications/24/myapp.png for 2424)
  • /usr/share/images/myapp/ : directory where your app's images must be stored (optionnal)