Containerized Galacticus - galacticusorg/galacticus GitHub Wiki

We provide containerized versions of Galacticus using both DockerHub and SingularityHub. These provide a complete, containerized environment with Galacticus pre-installed and ready to run. It's the easiest way to get started using Galacticus.

(For Docker image build instructions see here.)


The following instructions show how to run Galacticus using a Docker container.

  • Pre-requisite: you must have a Docker engine installed and running on your system

  • Download the Galacticus image from the DockerHub repository:

    • docker pull
  • Start a container from the image:

    • docker run --rm --name galacticus -it galacticusorg/galacticus:latest bash
  • Once inside the container, you can find Galacticus in /opt/galacticus

  • Try running a simple model to check everything works:

cd /opt/galacticus
./Galacticus.exe parameters/quickTest.xml
  • You can exit the container, but note that this will lose all of your work.
    • exit