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Cursor settings for

in different terminal emulators.


See inputrc, the vi mode string section. Both cursor settings in normal Bash session and tmux session are discussed there.


Cursor in Zsh are managed by a Zsh plugin Zsh Vi Mode. The Zsh plugins are managed by Oh My Zsh.


From tmux manual, TERMINFO_EXTENSIONS section:

Ss, Se Set or reset the cursor style. If set, a sequence such as this may be used to change the cursor to an underline:

  $ printf '\033[4 q'

If Se is not set, Ss with argument 0 will be used to reset the cursor style instead.

So this line is usually added to tmux.conf:

set -ga terminal-overrides '*:Ss=\E[%p1%d q:Se=\E[5 q'

n.b. per this tmux issue comment:

Try \033 or \E instead of \e in terminal-overrides, I don't think we support \e.

Relevant tmux issues: and


See vimrc, the Cursor setting section.


Official FAQ in Neovim GitHub repo

Most cursor-relevant issues have already been discussed in the FAQ, here are a selection of most imperative ones:

Sections in Neovim doc relevant to cursor