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10 Usability Heuristics

  1. Visibility of System Status: Does the game always inform you about what is happening? Was feedback quick and clear?

  2. Match between System and Real World: Does the system use familiar concepts and vocabulary? Do technical terms and error codes remain hidden?

  3. User Control and Freedom: Do you have the possibility to leave dialogues and correct mistakes? Can actions be undone and repeated?

  4. Consistency and Standards: Do the same terms and actions have a consistent meaning in different contexts? Is the use of terms (e.g. in navigation) consistent across the platform?

  5. Error Prevention: Are typical errors prevented? Do you have to confirm the performance of critical actions?

  6. Recognition Rather than Recall: Is necessary information visible or easily accessible at any moment? Does information remain consistent in one place?

  7. Flexibility and Efficiency of Use: Can experienced users reach their goal faster with shortcuts? Can frequently used functions be adapted or shortened?

  8. Aesthetic and Minimalist design: Do dialogues avoid irrelevant or rarely used information? Is important and unimportant information correctly weighted on the page?

  9. Help Users Recognize, Diagnose, and Recover from Errors: Does the system help you to detect, diagnose and correct errors? Are error messages in simple language, do they clearly describe the problem and offer solutions?

  10. Help and Documentation: Do you need help to use the system and is it offered? Is the help easily searchable, focused on the user’s tasks and does it help with practical instructions?