3. Technical Documentation - frk2689/UXDM-AVRP-VRgardening Wiki



PourDetector: This script calculates the angle of the watering can and triggers the creation of the water stream at the angle of 45° and stops it as soon as the watering can straightens again. It also starts the water sound to enhance the experience.

WaterStream: This script creates the water stream.

Planting Pot

Box A: This script recognizes the color of the seed and triggers the appropriate growing animation as soon as the watering can collider collides with the collider of the pot.


Portal: This script teleports the user to the opposite side of the river as soon as the player collides with the portal.

Oculus Integration Kit

A collection of core VR features to ease the development process in Unity. We used the following prefabs (reusable game objects) in our project:

Sequence Diagrams