Library - friflo/Friflo.Json.Fliox GitHub Wiki

The library can be build on all platforms a .NET SDK is available.
Build options:

  • dotnet CLI - Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Rider - Windows, macOS, Linux (untested)
  • Visual Studio 2022 - Windows
  • Visual Studio Code - Windows, macOS, Linux (untested)

Supported Platforms

  • Builds tested on:
    Windows, macOS, Linux, WASM / WebAssembly, Unity, Godot, MonoGame.

Assembly (dll)

  • This library is using only verifiably safe code. <AllowUnsafeBlocks>false</AllowUnsafeBlocks>.
    No use of Unsafe code ⋅ Microsoft - "Unsafe code may cause memory corruption and introduces security and stability risks".

    Typical random behavior using unsafe code:

    • Expected behavior.
    • An AccessViolationException. Best case. The stacktrace may show the root cause.
    • An Exception which is unrelated to the root cause.
    • A Segmentation fault ⋅ Wikipedia.
    • native memory: leaks, dangling pointers or wild pointers
    • Nothing happens - no exception. Worst case.
    • Exploit execution of malicious code. Even worse. 😁

    Behavior of safe code:

    • Expected behavior.
    • An Exception showing the root cause of a bug.
  • Pure C# implementation - no C/C++ bindings slowing down runtime / development performance.

  • The C# API is CLS-compliant ⋅ Microsoft.

  • No custom C# preprocessor directives which requires custom builds to enable / disable features.

  • Deterministic dll build.

  • No 3rd party dependencies.

  • It requires Friflo.Json.Fliox which is part of this repository.


  • Size: Friflo.Engine.ECS.dll: ~ 210 kb. Implementation: ~ 17.500 LOC.

  • Build time Windows: ~ 5 seconds, macOS (M2): 2,5 seconds.

  • Code coverage of the unit tests: 99,9%. See:

  • Unit test execution: ~ 1 second.

  • The nuget package contains four dll's specific for: .NET Standard 2.1 .NET 6 .NET 7 .NET 8.
    This enables using the most performant features available for each target.
    E.g. Some SIMD intrinsics methods available on .NET 7 and .NET 8 but not on earlier versions.