Biomes - freerangerstudios/dark-caverns Wiki

Rocky Caverns

The most common biome. It's completely made out of the stone type carfstone, and the surface is covered in huge stalagmites. Inside of the biome, you'll find both your standard overworld ores in greater quantity as well as a new ore, luminite ore, which can be used to craft tons of light-related items, and a new super rare ore called platinum ore. But beware, as mining in the biome is quite dangerous since the loot is protected by luminite golems and skeletons! You can also find 2 new passive mobs, the luminite fox and the camorock, inside the biome. Finally, you'll be able to find a new structure, the territory marker.

Molten Depths

The molten depths is covered in molten carfstone, and the surface is filled with charred grass, scorched berries, magma blocks and huge stalagmites (although the stalagmites aren't as common as they are in the rocky caverns.) The ores that you can find inside of the rocky caverns will still generate, but you won't find them in the molten carfstone since it's simply too hot for these ores to form there (you'll have to dig a little deeper or venture into one of the caves to find them). Therefore, the only ore you'll find on the surface is the rare hellstone ore, which can grant some new abilities when you upgrade platinum gear with it. You'll also find a new structure called the sacret torch. As for the mob spawning, the molten depths is an extremely hostile environment both scorchlings and schorchhounds as well as blazes will spawn there. A passive mob called the moltener can also be found.

Glimmershroom Forest

The glimmershroom forest is covered with a layer of glimmergrass as well as luminous mushrooms, both huge and tiny. You'll be able to find the same ores here as in the rocky caverns, but they won't generate on the glimmergrass covered surfacee. Shroomlings as well as shroomies will spawn inside of the biome, and shroomies will be able to trade you tons of useful and powerful items to help you on your journey through the caverns. The shroomies also have houses which can be found throughout the biome. This is the rarest but also the friendliest of the biomes in the dark caverns, so it might be a great place to set up your base!

There are more biomes coming, so stay tuned for that!