Content Editing - force11/website Wiki

An initial guide to content editing on the new Wordpress site. Once the info here is resolved the docs will be moved to the FORCE11 Guide site.

For support see the Wiki homepage.

Tools we use on the new site:

Access Control Levels (ACLs) and publishing workflow

Publish Press is used, this offers fine grained Access Control Levels as well as a publishing pitching and submission workflow.

Listing content, adding content, or editing

This is done though the normal Wordpress interface and what types of content you can edit or add depends on your ACLs.

Content editor

Gutenberg Editor

The Gutenberg Editor uses the Google backed concept of Web Components where each part of a webpage is an independent component.

In the screenshot you'll see the editor centre and left available blocks that can inserted.

Image library

Please note to use the image folders for keeping a tidy organisation of images and media. Files can be moved between folders without affecting their links. Note you can also make new folders as needed.

Template and custom styles editing

We use the Elementor Wordpress framework for editing templates and making custom styled pages. Elementor allows to easy and advanced UI features and design to be brought to the site. Due to its powerful customization Elementor access is kept to site administrators only as core site templates can be edited.

Training can be provided and parts of Elementor will be made available to site moderators over time.

The site now operates using Git and staging versions. These facilities can be made of to allow site customisation.

Content editing

Editing from a content listing.

Under the title, left, an edit link will appear on rollover

Adding tags

Right-hand side there should be a Tag drop down. Open it, and then type in a tag. If the tag exists already it will be listed underneath for editing, if not you can press enter to complete the tag.


FSCI is made up of three page types:

And there are five other components:

How to edit FSCI pages and components

Here are screenshot examples of the above:

About FSCI

This is a special page that uses the Elementor editor to configure the page. Special access is needed to edit this page as the Elmentor editor can change the whole layout design and special training is needed.

When access is granted an edit with Elemenor edit button will appear top left.

FSCI Institute Pages

These will be editable. Access to create and delete these pages will be limited.

FSCI Pages

These will be editable. Access to create and delete these pages will be limited.

Content types

Info Pages

Note the info pages use an automatic Table of Contents generation left, all H2 headers will be listed left. It can be customised to list headers below H2.

Some pages in the Info area are made with Elementor or speacil Gutenberg blocks. If you need a change to something that cannot be edited please contact support.