Firedrake meeting 2022 06 30 - firedrakeproject/firedrake Wiki

Date and time 2022-06-30 12:00UTC (13:00BST 22:00AEST)

Action Items

  1. Pick Chair and Minuter (JB to pick).
  2. ALL: (ongoing) triage the open issues and confirm if they are indeed still open (and perhaps provide labels)
  3. KS: Test PETSc main against current Firedrake
  4. JB: Look into updating the @parallel test marker (ongoing)
  5. DH: talk to Jemma about Firedrake 2022
  6. ?: Decide who will organise SIAM CSE23 Minisymposium/minisymposterium




Item 1

Merge PRs

Date of next meetings

Next meeting: 1200 UTC 2022-07-07