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What does a record in the Catalogue module represent?

A catalogue record represents one identification history. For Natural History collections this includes type status. A record cannot be both a record of a single individual AND a record of multiple individuals at the same time.

Record Types:

a single individual/item [ClassOfRecord = Single]

  • in 1 part (1 Catalogue record)
  • split up into many parts prepared in 1 or many ways.
  • Generally “Specimen” or “Object”

or a group of many individuals [ClassOfRecord = Group]

  • prepared in 1 or many ways.
  • Generally a “Lot”

Or an inventory of formed collections [ClassOfRecord = Inventory]

  • may or may not yet be data-entered as lots or individuals
  • Taxonomic/Stratigraphic level inventory of lots/Specimens existing in formed collections. This is separate from “back-log” inventory of specimens/objects that have been accessioned but not yet integrated into formed collections. For example an Insect Collection Unit”
  • Generally a “Collection Unit”


Reason(s) for Change Request: 6c NEW TAB: Preps/Parts - Consolidated Backend Table. Unified Specimen/Parts Schema SOW v1.1- April 2021

  • To show the consolidated backend table of all Preps/Parts/Counts fields. All fields here are read-through/display-only from their respective data entry tabs. Primarily for use by Admins.


  • Version 5.1
  • Funded - In Test
  • FMNH Specific customisation


The consolidated table is an extension of the existing multivalued table on the AllPreMTab. New fields have been added to the table to replace the existing:

  1. phenology MV table on the AllPheTab (Phenology
  2. Lot History MV table on the AllLotTab (Lot History - DEPRECATED)
  3. Lot Details MV Table on the AllLot2Tab (Lot Lots - DEPRECATED)

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Reason(s) for Change Request: 6a EXISTING TAB: AllMea2Tab (Measurements) - March 2021

  • Development to consolidate multiple measurements tabs.


  • Version 5.1
  • Funded - In Live
  • FMNH Specific customisation


The Measurements tab can be used to accommodate both quantitative and qualitative data. The data recorded here should be a measurable value, quantity or character. (Measurements of reproductive Organs are recorded here.) Use the Description tab for more verbose, formatted, descriptive information. (Observations of reproduction are recorded on the Description Tab.)

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Reason(s) for Change Request 5 NEW TAB: AllRelNhTab Relationship dwc:Resource Relationship Extension SOW Version 1.4

  • Development of a client-wide relationships tab to accommodate the related resources DwC extension.


  • Version 5.1 / 6.2
  • Funded - In Live
  • FMNH Specific customisation


Provide a generic implementation of the Darwin Core Resource Relationship Extension along with specific changes required by FMNH, NMNH and MPM for the TPT TCN.

All work will be carried out on the latest source code version of EMu. The current release is EMu 6.2. Hence FMNH, NMNH and MPM will be required to upgrade to EMu 6.2 to have the work incorporated. FMNH have indicated that due to current undertakings they are unable to upgrade to EMu 6.2. In order to implement the client changes for FMNH the Natural History Catalogue changes will have to be back ported to EMu 5.1.

  • Add DwC tabs to base Natural History catalogue (Generic - FMNH, NMNH)
  • Add DwC tabs and back-end fields to Darwin Core module
  • Add Relationship tab to base Natural History catalogue
  • Customise Relationship tab for Parent/Child link (Specific) (No longer required)
  • Add client-side fields outside the DwC standard (Generic/Specific?)
  • Add client-side logic for Relationships tab (Generic/Specific)
  • Add new fields to each back-end catalogue (Specific)
  • Add server-side logic to each back-end catalogue (Specific)

Axiell Ticket: JIRA#361

Post Axiell SOW FMNH Specific Relationship Tab - Original FMNH Proposal (Pre Combo with NMNH)

TPT Project Report for Axiell Development

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