Changing title of existing GH Wiki page erases contribution history of other folks - federatedbookkeeping/timesheets Wiki


This is a dummy page intended to reproduce an issue identified with another page in this Wiki. This is for a bug report to GitHub.

Reproduction steps

  1. Create new blank Wiki page with placeholder content and Save (that's this one) - DONE.
  2. Have a different GH user (@michielbdejong) add and save content to the page - DONE.
  3. Capture a screenshot of the edit history - DONE.
  4. Change the page's title - IN PROGRESS.
  5. Check the page's edit history.

Over to you, Michiel!

Hi, this is Michiel editing

And adding something with an error corrected

Thanks Michiel!

Update 2022-09-23 17:41 BST: GitHub Support confirms this is a known issue, reported by others, and tracked internally. I have asked for an externally accessible Issue or Backlog entry to track their progress on resolving it.