How To install on your Raspberry Pi - fayaaz/mixxx-pi-gen GitHub Wiki

You can write this image to an SD card or a USB drive. With the Raspberry Pi 5 you can boot from USB as standard.

For the Raspberry Pi 4/400 follow:

For the Raspberry Pi 3 follow:

The instructions below use Balena Etcher:

  1. Get Balena Etcher:
  2. Download the latest release mixxx-pi zip
  3. Make sure your SD card or USB drive is connected to the computer
  4. Open Balena Etcher
  5. Select 'Flash from File' and pick the zip you downloaded earlier
  6. Select the SD card or USB drive to flash to (check here that you're not overwriting something important!)
  7. Hit 'Flash!' and wait for it to be verified.
  8. Remove the SD card or USB drive and transfer it to your raspberry pi
  9. Turn on the Raspberry Pi (make sure it's plugged into a screen) and wait until mixxx shows up
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