Changing the resolution of your screen - fayaaz/mixxx-pi-gen GitHub Wiki

A lot of the time the default displays settings isn't quite right so you may want to adjust it. For the steps below either plug in a keyboard and mouse or use the built in keyboard.

Temporary change with wdisplays:

  • Close Mixxx
  • Press Alt+D on the keyboard, type wdisplays and hit enter to bring up wdisplays GUI
  • Use the gui to change the resolution

Permanent change in sway conf:

Instructions copied from:

Display configuration

Run swaymsg -t get_outputs to get a list of output names. Then add the output command in /home/pi/.config/sway/config to arrange your displays in the desired resolution.

output <identifier> {
   # ...config options...
   mode [email protected]

For detailed information, check the manual. Run man 5 sway-output.

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