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Is RiMusic a legal app?

Yes, its legal because open source and using published APIs by YouTube and YouTube Music. RiMusic is just one of thousands similar apps that play music from YouTube. RiMusic and similar apps can't add some features from YouTube Music that are paid.

How often is a new version released?

Weekly release every Friday 15:00~23:00 (UTC+0)

Why does it no longer show album art on the lockscreen since Android 11?

This feature are unavailable since Android 11 above. Though present from Android 5 through 10, they decided to remove it without explanation from Android 11 and future version despite the protests.


Why there are no plans to implement Google or YouTube login?

Implementing Google or YouTube login would require a Google tracker for authentication, which would invade the privacy of all users. Additionally, the app wouldn't met requirements to be published in F-Droid.

How to play video?

RiMusic currently does not support video playback, however RiMusic support audio playback.

Why does the app close automatically after I pause it for a while?

This usually happens because Android automatically closes the app after a certain period of inactivity. To prevent this behaviour, we recommend enabling the Invincible Service and Disable battery optimizations for RiMusic. This will allow the app to stay in memory even if it's not actively used for a long time.

What permissions are used?

Permission Why
android.permission.INTERNET Needed to connect to the Internet
android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE Needed to check state of internet connection
android.permission.POST_NOTIFICATIONS Needed to run as a service
android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED Needed to start as a service after device reboot
android.permission.WAKE_LOCK Needed to prevent device from going into suspension when playing a song (if enabled Keep Screen On in settings)
android.permission.REQUEST_IGNORE_BATTERY_OPTIMIZATIONS Needed to prevent the device from restricting battery use
android.permission.FOREGROUND_SERVICE Needed to play music even when the screen goes off or the app is closed
android.permission.FOREGROUND_SERVICE_MEDIA_PLAYBACK (ADDED SINCE 0.6.20) Similar to android.permission.FOREGROUND_SERVICE
android.permission.FOREGROUND_SERVICE_DATA_SYNC (ADDED SINCE 0.6.20) Needed to download songs
android.permission.READ_MEDIA_AUDIO Needed to read local songs
android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO Needed ONLY if you want to use visualizer effect (disabled by default). Permission required ONLY when you enable the Visualizer option from the settings. (More information in Visualizer | Android Developers
android.permission.MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS Needed to only show the microphone settings page. Depends on android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO
android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Needed to read local music up to Android 12
android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Needed to download song up to Android 11

This song cannot be played due to server restriction?

If song from YouTube is classified with this message, "We recommend viewing to an adult audience", playing such songs requires user confirmation that RiMusic currently couldn't handle it.

Is there a way to transfer playlists and favourites from ViMusic?

Yes, create a backup from ViMusic then import it into RiMusic using the restore feature. Both backup and restore features are found within the Database settings.

Icon explanation

Icon Meaning
download all
remove all downloaded
lock/unlock ordering
menu playlist
search in playlist
order by recently played, From version 0.6.22 replaced by the sort menu
order by position, From version 0.6.22 replaced by the sort menu
order by most played, From version 0.6.22 replaced by the sort menu
order by title, From version 0.6.22 replaced by the sort menu
order by artist, From version 0.6.22 replaced by the sort menu
sort order asc/desc for all order option
add in playlist or import playlist
locate now playing song in playlists