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Purpose of random teleports

This feature provides interactable rtp blocks and teleports you to randomly calculated positions in your world.

Further information about rtp on BungeeCord comming soon (Already available since v4.2.5-premium)!

Command usage

Permissions can be found »here«.

Modify - /randomtp : Add, edit and remove interactable rtp blocks
Use - /randomtp <buy, go, info>: Use rtp in general
Optional - /randomtp go [server1, s2; [email protected], [email protected]]: Apply a world list for this rtp
Optional - /randomtp go [s1; [email protected]] [player]: Apply a world list for this rtp

Configure max and free teleports

You have to use permissions to set a max amount of teleports. As stated »here« you need warpsystem.randomteleporters.max.n where you replace n with a natural number. The same for free teleports with warpsystem.randomteleporters.free.n.

However, if you want unlimited teleports you can simply replace n with -1.

Location Pre-Loading

Random teleports take in most cases a few seconds to find a good position. By pre-loading random locations this search time can be increased significantly.

Please note that the RTPConfig.yml must be re-created eventually. Also note that this feature only comes for the premium branch.

Following settings were added:

    Enabled: true
    # The number of seconds after the server start to wait before preloading random locations
    Begin_After_Startup: 60
    # - world_name: <number of preloaded random locations>
      - world: 5
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