Manual Testing Dev - erichelgeson/BlueSCSI Wiki

Automated build

PR's are automatically built with PlatformIO and reported back to Pull Requests.

Manual Testing


We want to ensure no regressions in compatibility with currently working systems. Some timings could be affected by code changes so we want to ensure they are within tolerance. We want to cover all the common SCSI-1 buses in macs that do not have IDE - the most common use case for BlueSCSI.

  • Mac Plus (Quirky/Early SCSI)
  • Mac SE 68000
  • Mac IIci/LC III 68030
  • LC 575 68040
  • PowerMac 6100 - 601
  • PowerMac G3

Test Procedure

  • Validate boot, normal operations.
  • Validate more than one SCSI image on the SD card works.
  • Run SCSI Director Pro 4 to validate no regression in performance.
  • Run at least two "Full Tests" in Silver Lining 5 without error.
  • Format a drive with Apple SC HD Setup & Disk Utility.

Other Systems

Many of the primary developers do not have other vintage systems to test on so a call is put out to the community on Discord, TinkerDifferent, and Github Discussions to test.