Ender Dragon - epolixa/Shroomhearth-Datapack Wiki

The Ender Dragon fight is enhanced by functionality provided by the Shroomhearth Datapack.

An Ender Dragon battle


"Rage" is an additional resource that the Dragon may use to cast various Powers. The current amount of Rage is displayed as a secondary bossbar titled "RAGE" in the illageralt font.

The Dragon may build Rage when a player damages it, in an amount proportional to its current health level. At lower health levels, Rage is also slowly built automatically.

When Rage reaches its max, the Dragon will cast one random Power and expend a certain amount of Rage.


When a Power is casted, its title will appear as a subtitle to the player in the illageralt font and a distinct sound is played.

Other Abilities

When the Ender Dragon directly hits a player with its body, a "bite" sound is played and the player is briefly stunned (receiving one second of slowness and slow falling and cancelling Elytra flight) in addition to the normal damage that it causes.

If a player takes too much successive damage from the Dragon's breath pools, they will be teleported randomly within the battle area.


When the Ender Dragon is slain, all mobs and pillars summoned by it will be cleared and a Dragon egg will appear on the End Portal if one is not there already. The Ender Dragon will also drop one broken Elytra. All players involved in the battle will then be granted Endchants on applicable items.