Endchants - epolixa/Shroomhearth-Datapack Wiki

"Endchants" or "Endchanting" is a feature of the Shroomhearth Datapack that provides means to bestow items with leveled enchantments that are one level above the vanilla maximum.

Defeating the Ender Dragon is the primary method of obtaining Endchants. When the Dragon is slain, all players involved in the battle will receive a random Endchant on an item in their equipment slots. The slot priority for receiving an Endchant is:

  1. Mainhand
  2. Offhand
  3. Head
  4. Chest
  5. Legs
  6. Feet

Any items that are not enchantable, or already have an enchantment above vanilla maximum, will be skipped. Exclusive enchantments will be respected, for instance an item with Bane of Arthropods will not be able to receive Smite VI (and instead would receive Unbreaking IV if Smite VI is rolled).

Diamond tools with a single Endchant (and no other enchantments) will also sometimes generate in End City loot.

Applicable Endchants include: