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1. EarnApp 2. PacketStream 3. Honeygain
4. IPRoyal 5. Peer2Profit 6. ProxyRack
7. Repocket 8. Traffmonetizer 9. ProxyLite
10. BitPing 11. Ebesucher (Private autosurf with cookies accepted) 12. Mysterium
13. Adnade (Private autosurf) 14. EarnFM 15. Bytelixir (Windows & Android)
16. GagaNode 17. Spider Income (Windows) 18. Traffic Earn (Windows)
19. Salad (Use code WM5ZHG for a 2x earning rate bonus!) (Windows) 20. CryptoProxy (Mobile device) 21. PacketShare (Not Supported)
22. Speedshare 23. Meson Network (Available in test branch) 24. Cash Raven (Mobile device)
25. Spide Network 26. Pi (Docker available in Windows only and only 1 node per account) 27. Addon Money (Browser Extension)
28. Surfe(Browser Extension) 29. Slice (Browser Extension) 30. CloudCollab (Available in test branch)
31. Grass (Browser Extension) 32. Nodepay (Browser Extension) 33. Tartle (Profile Income)
  • Not Supported are the apps which are not available in docker environment, you may use them in windows.
  • Adnade and Ebesucher use firefox browser inside the container, so they consume more resources compared to other containers.
  • If you wish to run windows apps on linux OS (or) Mac OS (or) Chrome OS, please Get Crossover. Single license can be used on multiple machines.