Dyes and Banners - endorh/aerobatic-elytra Wiki

The Aerobatic Elytra may be dyed, or customized with banners.

This feature is inspired on the Customizable Elytra mod, which provides this feature to the vanilla elytra, so be sure to check it out!


Dyeing the elytra is similar to dyeing leather armor. Combining multiple dyes with the elytra will mix their color to produce almost any desired color. The elytra may be dyed many times, which allows you to slightly modify the color to reach a desired tonality.

Imprinting banners

You can imprint a banner pattern into the wings of Aerobatic Elytras, by combining a banner with the Aerobatic Elytra in a crafting table. Beware that the banner item will be consumed in the process, so consider copying it before, if you're going to use it later.

The wings will display the banner on both sides. (There is no support currently to display a different pattern on the inside)

Since Aerobatic Elytra wings fold while you're not flying, the full pattern may not be visible while standing, but you can also unfold the wings by sneaking, if you want to display your beautiful patterned wings.

The way patterns translate to the wing shapes is kinda different for each pattern. Texture-like patterns or simple patterns affecting a side of the banner, or creating stripes are simply extended to the whole wing, but border patterns are redesigned to fit the border of the wings properly. Iconic patterns are all rendered in the same position, in an attempt to preserve all possible shapes created in patterns.

However, be mindful that not all patterns may translate smoothly to the wings, due to the different shape they must fit into.

Washing off

You may remove any dye or pattern at any time by using the Aerobatic Elytra in a water cauldron, the same way you can wash leather armor.

You don't need to wash your Elytra to imprint a new banner, or dye it if it has a banner. Washing is only necessary if you want to dye the elytra with a new color, since dyeing an already dyed elytra will mix the color of the elytra with the new color.

Dyeing each wing

You can dye differently each wing, or imprint a different banner in each. To do so, you will need to split the Aerobatic Elytra into two wing items, customize each of them, and rejoin them.

You can only join wings coming from the same Elytra (or elytras with the exact same abilities), so be careful to not lose your pairs.

To split an Elytra into wings, you can combine the Aerobatic Elytra with some scissors in a crafting table. The result will be the right wing, and once applied, the left wing will remain in the crafting table along with the scissors. This recipe can be customized by datapacks, however.

The elytra won't lose any enchantment/abilities when split/dyed/rejoined, so don't worry about that. You can tune your elytra at any time without fear of losing your upgrades/enchantments/fuel.