Client Configuration - endorh/aerobatic-elytra Wiki

The Aerobatic Elytra mod uses Simple Config to provide powerful config menus.

The client settings (those for your local Minecraft game) include the following settings:


  • Pitch and Roll sensitivity (for the mouse), as a multiplier.
  • Yaw sensitivity (for the strafing keys), which affects the smoothing performed when you use those keys.
  • Invert pitch controls, as many people prefer flying with inverted pitch, to mimic real plane controls.
  • Invert controls in frontal third person, in case you want to fly in frontal third person, and prefer to invert the controls while doing it.

Look Around

  • Sensitivity (for the mouse) when using the look around key
  • Max Pitch and Yaw (maximum angle you can look around, since more than 90 is usually disorienting)
  • Aim With Bow, which automatically puts you in look around mode while charging an arrow with a bow while flying, unless you're already looking around
  • Reset When Landing, which affects the permanent look around, toggled by double pressing the look around key.



  • FOV Effect Strength, a multiplier affecting the increase in FOV when flying and boosting.
  • Enable Flight Crosshair
  • Flight Bar Visibility, which lets you hide the flight bar (displaying thrust amount), or replace the XP bar with it while flying, rather than placing it above it
  • Flight Mode Toast length and position, which affect the icon displayed when changing flight modes. If you want to change the icon itself, you can create a resource pack, modifying this file.
  • Max Rendered Banner Layers, which lets you increase the limit of 16 banner layers for Aerobatic Elytra wings. Banners also have this limit, and players can only craft banners with up to 6 layers, unless another mod increases this limit, such as the Quark mod.


  • Fuel Display, which lets you choose how to display the fuel meter on elytras, either on the rockets of the item, replacing the durability bar, or only replacing the durability bar when the fuel is lower than the durability
  • Fuel Visibility, which lets you hide the fuel when/unless holding a modifier, in case you want to replace the durability bar
  • Disable Wing Glint, which disables the enchantment glint applied to wings of players in the world, in order to see banner patterns more clearly.
  • Enchantment Glint Visibility, which allows you to hide the enchantment glint applied to Aerobatic Elytra items, in order to see the texture of the icon better.

Dark Theme

Options to autodetect when dark mode resource packs are being used, automatically switching the mod UI textures to their own built-in dark mode.


Master level and volume levels for each of the sounds provided by the mod:

  • Wind, heard while flying
  • Rotating wind, heard while rotating fast in the air
  • Whistle, heard while flying extremely fast, such as if you dive in a straight descent while boosting
  • Boost, which affects the sounds heard when you enter and exit boost mode
  • Brake, a graver wind heard while flying