Modding Guide - efroemling/ballistica Wiki

Welcome to the BombSquad Modding guide

Here you can learn about how to tweak the game or add your own mini-games, characters, maps, etc. Enjoy!

If you are coming from the new BombSquad 1.7 release, check out the Workspaces guide. Workspaces are one of the fancy new features in the 1.7 update and make it much easier to get started with game modding.

Also, hop on the official Discord Server and meet some fellow community members and modders (and myself).

Alright let’s do this. Its time to mod the squad.

What you’ll need:

  • BombSquad version 1.7 or newer (the version number is visible at the bottom right of the screen when you launch the game) Grab an update from the Mac/OUYA/etc app store if you’re out of date.
  • Python scripting knowledge. BombSquad’s game logic is written in Python, so you’ll need to be familiar with the language. It’s pretty nifty and useful outside of the game too; go to to learn about it. BombSquad uses Python 3.10.

Episode 1:Hello world

Episode x: Creating a plugin

More episodes comming soon. Enjoy :)