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Eclipse Che development life cycle

Eclipse Che follows a 3-week sprint cycle, with a new minor release after every sprint. During the last week of the current sprint, we review and prioritize the backlog to plan the following sprint.

Full details of all of the work in a specific release are included in the release changelog.

Current sprint planning

At any time you can see what is being worked on:

Our plans for the next 3 months

Updated: July 2023

Theme: Simple

Feature ETA
:ok_hand: Improve Devfile editing UX 2023 Q3
:ok_hand: Starting workspaces from a Dockerfile 2023 Q3
:ok_hand: Retrieval of Devfile from Git repos without OAuth support 2023 Q3

Theme: Fast

Feature ETA
:runner: Verify impact of 100+ concurrent startup of workspaces ???? ??
:runner: Make async storage the default option ???? ??

Theme: Cloud Native

Feature ETA
:cloud: Support for JetBrains Gateway - Remote Development environment 2023 Q3
:cloud: Ability to run "docker in docker" 2023 Q3
:cloud: Universal Developer Image enhancements 2023 Q3
:cloud: Use of "" devfile registry 2023 Q3
:cloud: Debugging the .NET sample with UDI doesn't work (it works with a custom image) ???? ??
:cloud: Kubeconfig is lost intermittently, resulting in wrong OCP user being used 2023 Q3
:cloud: Review / Improve Developer Sandbox workspaces metrics ???? ??
:cloud: Support multiple Dev Spaces instances running in one OpenShift cluster ???? ??
:cloud: Idling support for JetBrains IDEs ???? ??
:cloud: Use FUSE Overlay rather than VFS for podman/buildah/docker ???? ??

Past Releases

A new Che stable version is released every 2 weeks. The full list as well as the details of every single releases is available on the GitHub release page.