Set up development environment (Windows) - earhba/odoo_opti Wiki

Local development environment

first follow the below YouTube link to setup your environment.

Video guide

Install python

Download latest python version (>3.8, 3.8 is recommended link) and run exe. Python EXE

After installation open CMD and run python

Then it will applier installed python version and execute python cmd

type exit and exit from python interpreter


Pip install

Open CMD and run bellow

python -m pip install --upgrade pip

python -m pip install

Reference :


Download pyCharm community version and install

Reference :

Press Ctrl+Alt+S to open the IDE settings and select Plugins.

From menu select plugin and search "Odoo", then it will appear 3 modules , you can install 3 of them.

Install PostgreSQL and PgAdmin

Download latest version and install

After install create user odoo15 and database named odoo15 use password also as odoo15. Then Assign new user to DB

Install Nodejs

Download and install nodejs.

Install rtlcss:

C:\> npm install -g rtlcss

Edit the System Environment’s variable PATH to add the folder where rtlcss.cmd is located (typically: C:\Users<user>\AppData\Roaming\npm).

###Setup Oddo15 Downloads community version from git

C:\> git clone

Move to downloaded odoo folder

C:\> cd odoo/

Prepare Wheel to install requirements

C:\odoo> pip install setuptools wheel

Install requirements Pip

C:\odoo> pip install -r requirements.txt

Running Odoo

move to odoo folder

C:\> cd odoo/

Running with DB

C:\odoo> python odoo-bin -r odoo15 -w odoo15 -d odoo15 -i base

If above command running without error you can access http://localhost:8069/ ,(admin/admin).

Next time you can run wwithout -i base

C:\odoo> python odoo-bin -r odoo15 -w odoo15 -d odoo15