Testing - e-m-b-a/embark Wiki


For every Pull-Request that warrants comprehensive tests of EMBArks functionality.
(exempt may be bug_fixes or changes to files, that not contribute to the Servers function)
every reviewer/contributor is to follow the following checklist.
Since there are 3 setup-options, it is important to check fist which options are subject of the PR and follow the according list below.


These Steps are ALWAYS necessary, since they check the main user-interface

  1. Make sure to run a up-to-date Kali-Linux (we recommend a VM)
  2. When installing check for installation errors
  3. Manually check setup after installation for:
    • the www-embark user is created
    • the user is in visudo for use of the emba-script
    • EMBA is installed properly $sudo ./emba/emba.sh -d
    • check the symlink (/app)
    • check the venv
    • was the .env created correctly
  4. Set Debug option in run-server.sh
  5. Run the Server and check the following:
    • register
    • login
    • upload
    • analysis
    • report
    • main dashboard
    • second upload
    • second analysis
    • main dashboard (* user-management)
  6. check all /emba_logs/ urls
  7. check the logs:
    • /app/www/embark/embark.log
    • /app/www/httpd/error.log
  8. check uninstall product note: this list has not bin validated yet and is subject to change


Only needed when there are changes to the -F option

Here we should define some automatic tests (TODO) and check:

  1. user management
  2. admin-pages
  3. EMBA integration (boundedexecutor.py operation)