FAQ - dvd-dev/hilo Wiki

Here's the list of frequently asked questions.

Q: I see no data or receive no readings? A: Try to reboot your Hilo gateway, it's been known to solve issues like this. If that doesn't work, open an issue.

Q: When there's a challenge, Hilo can't read my power usage. A: You can try to power off/on the hilo hub. If this doesn't work Contact Hilo, this looks like it's a problem on their side, see issue #15

Q: There's a naming conflict in my entities. A: We need to rely on unique names for entities. This is how we generate their unique ids. You can't have 2 lights named Light. See issue #11

Q: Even after enabling the option "Generate only total meters for each devices" I still see low and medium devices in the energy dashboard.
A: You have to remove the old sensor. Go to Configuration -> Individual devices and remove the *_low and *_medium devices.

Q: During the initial setup, I get an error 400:

Unknown error while logging into Hilo: 400, message='Bad Request', url=URL('https://hilodirectoryb2c.b2clogin.com/hilodirectoryb2c.onmicrosoft.com/oauth2/v2.0/token?p=B2C_1A_B2C_1_PasswordFlow')

A: Delete the hilo_state.yaml file under the /config folder.