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Song caching

Default: on (recommended)
Enabling this will save compiled songs for later play.
This is useful for not reconverting a chart over and over again.
Note that this will take up space depending on how long the charts are.

Verbose logging

Default: off
Log specifics of what's happening during chart conversion.

Preserve log

Default: off
Require a key press to exit out the launcher after chart conversion.

Disable Vsync

Default: off
Play the game with an unlimited frame rate.

No startup message

Default: off
Disables the welcome/about message before asking for a chart file to play.

Exit on song end

Default: off
Exit the game once the song ends. DUUURHHHHH

Keyboard mode

Default: off
Enables playing with the keyboard or manually choosing a controller.
Requires at least one button to be pressed on any controller to ensure
which one is allowed to play.

Debug menu

Default: off (recommended to be on for FUN)
Enables debug menu with more options and functions.

No intro

Default: off
Disables highway and HUD intro animation and instantly displays them.

No particles

Default: off
Toggles particles. Modes: All, minimal (no spark and star particles),
and disabled (turn off all particles including flames and lightning).

No fail

Default: off
Disables the Rock Meter.

Easy expert

Default: off
Cheat from default GH3.

Precision mode

Default: off
Cheat from default GH3.

Background video

Default: off
Enables background videos. (requires Bink video files)

Hide hit gems

Default: off
Makes notes disappear as soon as they're hit, like in every game besides 3 and Aerosmith.

Early sustain activation

Default: off
If a long note is hit too early, the game waits until the note reaches the nowbar to start scoring.
This option can make it so sustain score is awarded immediately even when hitting a long note early.


Max framerate

Default: 0
Set max FPS, if not capped by Vsync.
If set to 0, the frame rate limit will not take effect.
Warning: Some frame rate values will make the game look
choppy depending on the refresh rate your monitor supports,
or depending on your GPU.

Audio quality

Default: 128
Change the bitrate used for converting songs. This will only take effect for the next songs converted. If song caching is turned on, the cached songs will keep the bitrate setting they were converted with. Note: This will also result in larger compiled audio files, which effects your song cache as well.

Ready time (no intro)

Default: 400
Set the amount of time before the song starts (in milliseconds)
when `No intro` is turned on.

Song Text Format

Default: %a - %t
Change the format of currentsong.txt.
Can be useful for streaming.

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