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= Overview =

This page describes various PKI installation procedures. Some pages are still being migrated from the old wiki:

* link:[PKI 10 Installation Guide]

For older versions see:

* link:PKI-10.6-Installation-Guide[PKI 10.6 Installation Guide]
* link:PKI-10.5-Installation-Guide[PKI 10.5 Installation Guide]
* link:PKI-10.4-Installation-Guide[PKI 10.4 Installation Guide]
* link:[PKI 9 Installation Guide]
* link:[PKI 1 Installation Guide]

= Installation Tools =

Most of the PKI subsystems can be installed with `pkispawn` except the ACME subsystem which uses `pki-server` command.

To install a PKI subsystem execute the following command:

$ pkispawn -f <deployment configuration> -s <subsystem>

By default it will install the subsystem in a PKI server instance called `pki-tomcat` in `/var/lib/pki/pki-tomcat` folder.
Multiple subsystems can be installed in the same instance.

Sample deployment configuration files can be found in 
link:[/usr/share/pki/server/examples/installation] folder.

To remove a subsystem execute the following command:

$ pkidestroy -i <instance> -s <subsystem>

For more information see also:

* link:[pkispawn manual]
* link:[pkidestroy manual]

= Installing PKI Subsystems =

* link:CA-Installation-Guide[CA Installation Guide]
* link:KRA-Installation-Guide[KRA Installation Guide]
* link:OCSP-Installation-Guide[OCSP Installation Guide]
* link:TKS-Installation-Guide[TKS Installation Guide]
* link:TPS-Installation-Guide[TPS Installation Guide]
* link:ACME-Installation-Guide[ACME Installation Guide]

= Other =

* link:[Installing Basic PKI Server]
* link:[Installing PKI Server with Custom NSS Databases]
* link:Upgrading-PKI-Database[Upgrading PKI Database]
* link:Upgrading-PKI-Server[Upgrading PKI Server]
* link:Migrating-PKI-Server[Migrating PKI Server]
* link:Removing-PKI-Server-Manually[Removing PKI Server Manually]
* link:[Installation with Secure Database Connection]
* link:[Installing Additional Instance on the Same Machine]
* link:[Installing Theme]
* link:[Using Shared System Certificates]
* link:Two-Step-Installation[Two-Step Installation]
** link:Configuring-Session-Timeout[Configuring Session Timeout]
** link:Configuring-Subsystem-Debug-Level[Configuring Subsystem Debug Level]
** link:Adding-System-Certificate-Request-Extensions[Adding System Certificate Request Extensions]
** link:Configuring-System-Certificate-Profiles[Configuring System Certificate Profiles]
** link:Configuring-Certificate-Serial-Number-Range[Configuring Certificate Serial Number Range]
** link:Configuring-TLS-Cipher-List[Configuring TLS Cipher List]
** link:Configuring-Access-Log[Configuring Access Log]
* link:[Fine-Grained Installation]
* link:[Cloning Issues]

= See Also =

* link:[Known Issues]
* link:[How Tos]