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This page is still under construction.

This document describes the process to deploy KRA container on Podman with PKI 11.6 or later.

Current limitations:

  • Replication is not yet supported (i.e. no scaling)

  • HSM is not yet supported

  • No security domain (i.e. other subsystems need to be set up manually)

  • Long startup time (due to certs import and instance creation)

Creating Network

Create a network for the containers, for example:

$ podman network create example

Alternatively, use an existing network.

Generating System Certificates

To deploy the KRA container, prepare the following files:

Then store the files in a location that will be mapped to the /certs folder in the KRA container.

See also:

Preparing KRA Database

Deploying KRA Container

Run the KRA container with the following command:

$ podman run \
    --name kra \
    --hostname \
    --network example \
    --network-alias \
    -v $PWD/certs:/certs \
    -v $PWD/conf:/conf \
    -v $PWD/logs:/logs \
    -e PKI_DS_URL=ldap:// \
    -e PKI_DS_PASSWORD=Secret.123 \
    -d \

Wait until the KRA service is running:

$ podman logs -f kra

Removing KRA Container

If the KRA container is no longer needed, it can be removed with the following command:

$ podman rm -f kra
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