How To Flash the Code to a Processor - dlktdr/BTWifiModule Wiki

Welcome to the BTWifiModule wiki! Below is how to flash the code

How to Flash

Download the firmware

Choose Actions


Choose the Commit to Test - Can pick most recent if unsure - Make sure there is a Green Check box meaning it compiled successfully or there will be no artifacts to download


Choose to Download the Artifacts - This is the binaries for all supported boards downloadartifacts

Flashing Method 1 - Use ESPHome-Flasher

You can download it here grab the most recent release.

Pretty straight forward in this app, pick your port. Select the firmware.bin file and click go.

Flashing Method 2 - ESP Flash Tool

Download ESP Flash Tool

Open in develop mode, Choose the Correct ChipType here

  • Pico and Wroom Boards - Choose ESP32
  • C3Mini Boards - Choose ESP32C3


Setup like the following photo,

  • Pick the correct subfolder from Artifacts .zip file for your board. Shown here with the C3Mini
  • Change the COM port to the correct one for your board.
  • If you get programming errors try a lower baud rate e.g. 460800
  • If it won't start try holding the boot button. Press the EN/Reset button once. Then release the boot and try again. This should put it into bootloader mode


Choose Start.


You can open the COM port in a terminal of your choice you should see some debugging output.

Port settings are,

  • Baud 115200
  • DataBits 8
  • Parity None
  • StopBits 1
  • FlowControl None