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ProbMeloD is a stochastic melody generator inspired by the Melodicer and Stochastic Inspiration Generator. It allows you to assign probability to each note in a chromatic scale, as well as set the range of octaves to pick notes from. It can be used by itself or with ProbDiv, which it will automatically link to.

See it in action:


  • Digital Ins: Digital 1 selects a note based on the current probability and range values
  • CV Ins: CV1 sets the lower bound for range, CV2 sets the upper bound for range
  • Outputs: A/C is the current selected note
  • Encoder Push: Toggles editing of the current value the cursor is on
  • Encoder Turn: When not editing, changes parameter. When editing, changes value of the current parameter


Probabilities are defined as weights from 0-10 for choosing a specific note. For example, if you only have a probability set for C it will always be selected no matter the probability. Or if you have a probability 10 for both C and D, it will be a 50/50 chance of either note being selected. Probability value can be thought of as the number of raffle tickets entered for each note when itโ€™s time to pick a new one, which is any time a trigger is received on Digital 1.


ProbMeloD has a range of 5 octaves. Lower and upper range are displays in an octave.semitone notation, so a range of 1.1 to 1.12 will cover the entire first octave, or C through B if your oscillator is tuned to C.

Pairing with ProbDiv and Looping

ProbMeloD does not have any looping functionality on its own, but can loop when paired with ProbDiv. Like ProbDiv, a new loop is generated in both applets when any parameter in ProbDiv or ProbMeloD are changed. If ProbDiv and ProbMeloD are loaded in each hemisphere, they will automatically link. Clock division outputs from ProbDiv will automatically trigger ProbMeloD, and ProbMeloD will capture a loop when ProbDiv is looping as well. When used together they can be treated as a whole probabilistic sequencer!


Copied/Adapted from ProbMeloD by benirose