LCR WiFi Guide - directedmachines/customer-support Wiki


Method 1: Use Pixel Phone

The LCR comes with a Pixel XL phone that has been paired with the robot. Short cuts to the User Interface are in the home screen. No special steps are required to start using your LCR right away with the Pixel phone acting as the controller

Method 2: Use any WiFi capable device

If you plan to use your phone, please check with Directed Machines first. Variation in WiFi performance, screen size, operating system versions will result in user experience issues.

Connect to WiFi

There are two ways to connect to WiFi:

1. Use QR Codes and Your Phone's Camera

You received a credentials document by email. Print this document and scan the QR Code in it to connect your phone to your LCR. Keep the QR Code in a safe location, away from the LCR, so others do not gain access.

2. Connect Manually

Alternatively, you can manually connect your phone to the LCR's WiFi. Go to your phone's WiFi settings, select the LCR's WiFi SSID and enter the WiFi password.

User Interface / Web Browser

There are two ways to launch the LCR user interface:

1. QR Code Scan

2. Type It In

Alternatively, open your phone's web browser and type in the address bar.


No Internet Connectivity

If the robot is not connected to the internet, please use the following address to your web browser, to get to the robot dashboard:

You will see black page but the Gamepad (Manual Control) icon will be at the bottom of your screen. Touch that to go to manual control.

Android phones

Android phones will sometimes display the robot modem (Huawei) page, requesting to "connect to network". Ignore the prompt, instead select "Connect Anyway" on the "..." menu that is on the right side of the prompt.